October 19, 2016 | Margaret Snow

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When making a home buying checklist, you must include three important items to ensure that you find the right home that fits your lifestyle. 

The first item you must have on your home buying checklist is finding out whether you want a home with newer construction or one that’s in an established neighborhood. Are you the type of person that wants everything brand new when they move in, or do you favor smaller design projects to make the older home your own?

The second item is finding out which communities have the types of properties that you’re looking for. Whether you decided on newer construction or venturing into more historic areas, you must identify the communities that have the types of properties you want. The community must also fit your lifestyle. I often tell people that if you find the right house in the wrong neighborhood, that makes it the wrong house.


The last item on the checklist is making sure your prospective house has the right floor plan. There are many things that can be easily altered or updated about a house, but the floor plan isn’t one of them. Make sure the floor plan in place works for you and your family, otherwise you might get stuck financing a major renovation.

Apart from the checklist, there are also certain actions you must avoid doing while in the process of buying a home. These include:

  • Changing jobs
  • Making any major purchases on credit
  • Quitting your job altogether
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