September 14, 2016 | Margaret Snow

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The first thing you’re going to want to do to sell your home faster than your neighbor’s is update the landscaping. Even if you already have a beautiful layout, just adding a little bit of mulch or replacing some old vegetation can pay huge dividends. It can all be done with minimal cost, whether you want to do it yourself or hire a landscaping company.

The second tip is to make it appear as if you’ve moved out of the house. When we’re out showing homes to buyers, they tend to react better to homes that have a lot of open space. Attaining this aesthetic usually means decluttering the home and purging it of all large furniture. If it’s an option to move out of the house completely, I would definitely make that recommendation. If it’s not, you can also look into renting a storage facility for a temporary period of time.


The third tip is to repaint and install new flooring. If you’re asking yourself whether you need to repaint or refloor, the answer is always yes. If a house has been lived in, it will inevitably acquire scuff marks and other unsightly blemishes. From a painting standpoint, make sure you’re using neutral colors. From a flooring perspective, don’t use anything unique, as that will limit its likability.

The fourth tip is getting professional photos done. If your house is listed with low-quality photos, that will definitely impact buyers’ opinions of it in a negative way. Make sure you have a professional photographer that provides the right lighting and the right angles to make each room look the best it possibly can. Buyers make snap judgements based on these photos, and the saleability of your home depends on whether they can convince people to step away from their computer and pay a visit.

The last and most important tip is pricing your home right. If you don’t price it right from the beginning, it will lead to a longer sales cycle and a lower selling price. When we start looking at values, there are two numbers that we deal with: what we can prove, and the market value. A lot of times those two numbers are very different, so trust your Realtor when they go through the process and handle the pricing.

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