August 24, 2017 | Margaret Snow

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So, you’ve found the right home. Once you’ve looked around and found a property you like, how do you go about making an offer?

This is an extremely common question. This is why people look to experts like myself for the answer.

There are a few different things we need to think about.

First, how long has the home been on the market? This can make a lot of difference. Sellers will tend to be less flexible with a listing that is brand new. However, if a listing has been sitting on the market for a while, you might have more power behind your negotiations.

Next, you should find out when the last price reduction was. Knowing this can give you an idea of the seller’s motivation. If the price has just been reduced, a seller may be less likely to reduce it again so quickly.


The third question to ask yourself is, how much recent activity has the competition had? How many recent or pending sales are currently in the neighborhood? By understanding the position of the competition, you’ll be better able to assess how to approach the property you’re looking at.

Taking into account these three points, you will then be able to move forward with crafting an offer. At this point, you should have the information you’ll need to make a reasonable offer that will be attractive to the seller.

Having and understanding key information will help you craft a good offer.

Ultimately, though, the offer is up to you. We give our clients all the data and guidance they want or need, but we will always allow you to make the offer you deem fit.

We’d be more than happy to discuss our strategies and how we can help you make the best offer possible.

If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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