October 11, 2017 | Margaret Snow

What can you do to get your offer accepted in this hot market? I have four tips to share with you today. 

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How can you get your offer accepted in a hot market like ours? I have four points to share with you today.

1. Make sure that you are the first one to know that the house is on the market. How quickly are you getting access to properties as they come on the market? It’s important to be the first to know so that you can get your offer in before anyone else gets a chance.

2. Once you’ve decided to make an offer, you’re going to want all the data on the home at your fingertips. How many days has the home been on market? When was the last time it went through a price reduction? What is the average list-to-sales-price ratio in the neighborhood? What does the supply and demand look like? How many houses are selling in that neighborhood on a regular basis? These are important questions to ask so that you’ll know how to craft your offer.

3. What negotiating tools are at your disposal? Are you in a multiple offer situation? In our market, multiple offer situations are becoming more and more common. We create an escalatory addendum that rides alongside your offer. Basically, the addendum states that you are willing to go a little above and beyond the competing offers, which will make your offer stand out to the seller.

4. Make sure you’re working with an experienced agent. A good agent will have the technology to make sure that you’re the first one who knows the property is for sale. They will be able to give you all of the stats from the neighborhood, and they will have great negotiating tools at your disposal.

Hopefully, these four tips will help you get your offer accepted in this hot market.

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