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We work hard to build a long-lasting relationship with you to help you reach your goals so you can enjoy your achievements. Strong values and committed associates, you can expect us to be here for you – providing expert advice combined with resources to meet a lifetime’s worth of evolving financial needs. It’s all part of our promise to treat you like family.

Mission Statement

Deliver profitable growth through our employees by creating an atmosphere of optimism, teamwork,creativity and resourcefulness that result in superior customer service in an ethical manner.

Our Core Values

We deliver on our promises we make to our customers and each other.
We have a sense of urgency to deliver an exceptional customer experience through whatever delivery channel the customer wishes to use.
Our staff is empowered to identify a need, make a decision and take action to deliver extraordinary service.
We value and reward our employees through innovative recognition programs creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and enthusiasm.
We work to achieve a process of continuous improvement in everything we do.
We believe in the importance of family and the communities we serve.
We believe in the dignity of all people and the strength of teams

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Kelly Borich
Mortgage Specialist
(386) 852-3088
NMLS #795429

I am a retail mortgage loan originator. I offer financing nationwide for purchase and refinance of residential homes. My companies service and fees are unbeatable. Contact me today if I can help you in anyway.

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* Online, by phone or in-person, Florida Capital Bank provides comprehensive, multi-layered, security strategies that address risks and vulnerabilities at each access point to keep your data safe. Some of the things we do every day to protect you Real-Time Decision - We monitor debit and ATM account activity for any unusual activity, such as out-of-state charges or an expensive purchase. If something unusual is detected, we may contact you to verify the charges. Layered Security - Our comprehensive, multi-layered security strategy addresses risks and vulnerabilities at each access point to keep your data safe. Our online systems incorporate SSL technology along with timeout and lockout features. Account Alerts - Through Online Banking, we give you the ability to set alerts so you can monitor any unusual activity on your account, or just to keep an eye on your balances. Alerts can be sent through email or text, based on your preference.